W’ánémt’a Volume 9, Issue 1
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Yau, welcome to the Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) website!

Since 2006 the Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation has existed to manage the economic and business interests of the Heiltsuk people who live in British Columbia’s central coast in the community of Bella Bella. HEDC looks after the key community businesses that include forestry, fisheries management, the Post Office, the food store, the Bella Bella Airport, the local freight company, the liquor store, fuel company and cable services for television and internet.

We are always seeking and welcome new business opportunities to improve the incomes and lives of the 2000 people who live and work in Bella Bella. If you have ideas and proposals for new economic activities contact our Chief Operating Officer at coo@heiltsukdevco.com or (250) 957-2217.

Walas Giaxsixa (Many thanks)