January Letter

Heiltsuk Nation; Partners; Vendors; Customers:

At this time we wish to inform you that Shawn Baybutt has made a decision to move forward from the position of the General Manager of HEDC. Though this has been known for the past while, we wanted to be sure everyone is aware his last official day is today. We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that all of our operations will maintain its business operations as we transition.

The Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation would like to thank Shawn Baybutt for being a part of our team and wish him well in his future endeavours. Please feel free to contact Carrie Humchitt, carrieh@heiltsukdevco.com if you have any questions or concerns.


Jacquelyn Nadrazsky
Management Services Operating Board – Chair
Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation

HEDC and Entities Complaints Procedures

HEDC is committed to fostering clear and consistent communication lines. Complaints regarding staff or service are dealt with by the following process:

  • All complaints by non-employees regarding service or staff shall be referred to the manager directly responsible for the service or staff; 
  • In the case of a complaint against a manager, the complaint shall be referred to the General Manager;
  • A complaint against the General Manager shall be referred to the COO;
  • A complaint against the COO shall be referred to the General Manager.

In order to better serve our customers, HEDC is also welcome to constructive suggestions. 

Suggestions and complaints can be emailed to info@heiltsukdevco.com or dropped off at reception at the HEDC office. 

W’ánémt’a – Spring 2021

The Winter 2021 HEDC newsletter is now online and ready to download. This issue includes the following articles:

  • Chief Operating Officer’s Message — PAGE 1 
  • HEDC Recruiting Crew for New Heiltsuk Sawmill — PAGE 2
  • Bo Reid Moves to Senior HTC Position After Years of Major Contributions to HEDC — PAGE 3
  • Career Opportunity – Waglisla Band Store Manager — PAGE 3 
  • A Message From the HEDC Chair, Leona Humchitt — PAGE 4 
  • General Manager’s Report – Winter 2021 — PAGE 5 
  • Connected Coast Moves Ahead with Prime Contractor BayLink Networks — PAGE 6 
  • Financial Reports — PAGE 7 
  • Indigenous Tourism On Up Swing in BC and Canada – Time for Bella Bella to Invest? — PAGE 8 
  • Klemtu’s Spirit Bear Lodge an Ecotourism Model in the Great Bear Rainforest — PAGE 10 
  • Heiltsuk Nation Purchases Shearwater Resort and Marina — PAGES 12 to 15
  • HEDC Directory — PAGE 16

Visit our newsletters page to download now!

W’ánémt’a – July 2019

The July 2019 HEDC newsletter is now online and ready to download. This issue includes the following articles:

  • Heiltsuk Professional New HEDC COO — PAGE 1 
  • Fish Plant Critical to Bella Bella’s Economic Future — PAGE 2 
  • Chair’s Message — PAGE 4 
  • Kwiaahwah Has Successful 2018 — PAGE 5 
  • COO’s Message — PAGE 6 
  • New Fish Plant Manager — PAGE 7 
  • HEDC’s Forestry Operations Transitioning to New Business Model — PAGE 8 
  • Bella Bella Getting Internet and TV Upgrades — PAGE 10 
  • Saving Big Trees in Heiltsuk Territory — PAGE 11 
  • Coast Funds Supporting 100s of Projects — PAGE 12 
  • Airport Getting Much Needed Upgrades — PAGE 13 
  • Bighouse Invitation — PAGE 14 
  • Log Markets Softening with Challenges Ahead — PAGE 15 
  • HEDC Directory — PAGE 16 

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Maclean’s Article: “Bella Bella, B.C.: The town that solved suicide”

Macleans just published a spectacular article on Bella Bella entitled, “Bella Bella, B.C.: The town that solved suicide”.

“…change is afoot. Bella Bella’s tiny airport, slated to be overhauled in the months ahead, isn’t the only thing in town undergoing a rebuild. Plans are in the works for a new guest lodge, restaurant and hostel in Bella Bella and a shop that will sell T-shirts, water bottles, scarves, hats and bags adorned in local art. In the coming months, the new airport, a new band store and a new big house will be erected by the band’s construction firm using local wood milled at a millyard the Heiltsuk are in the process of taking over. And there’s talk of extending a cedar boardwalk built for the royal visit to a three-kilometre waterfront loop, linking the harbour with the former town site at McLoughlin Bay.”

“It’s a remarkable turnaround for a place that once had almost no economy, deep social problems and one of the highest youth suicide rates in the country—a staggering one suicide a month. Many who lived through it refer to the period as the ‘dark time.'”

The Maclean’s article goes into the crisis a little bit, but focuses on how the Heiltsuk people have pulled themselves out of those dark times and how they have flourished.  Read more on their website: http://www.macleans.ca/news/bella-bella-the-town-that-solved-suicide/ and then let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

The Royals set to visit Bella Bella!

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to visit Bella Bella on Monday, September 26! Kate and William are expected to bring their two children, three-year-old Prince George and one-year-old Princess Charlotte, to British Columbia with them.

Kate and William

‘We are very pleased that our community is included in their tour of British Columbia, Chief Marilyn Slett, chief councillor of the Heiltsuk Tribal Council, said in a release.

‘What better way for the Duke and Duchess to learn about the people who live in the Great Bear Rainforest than to come to our territories. While in our community they will see a strong and vibrant community and culture.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3753729/William-Kate-visit-Bella-Bella-s-Heiltsuk-community-British-Columbia.html

Work Finally Underway for Bella Bella Airport Terminal Upgrade

Thousands of residents and visitors arrive and depart from the Bella Bella airport each year and it’s been in need of upgrades for some time. L&L Contracting of Bella Bella has finally commenced work starting with some changes outside to the parking and access routes around the terminal, upgrades to the septic systems and then the interior of the building will get a big makeover.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.19.12 PMLee Jay the main contractor from L&L said “we are going to add about 500 square feet to the terminal to increase seating capacity and pretty much do a major renovation to the interior over the next 3 months.” Washrooms will be redone, new entry and exit areas installed, new windows and walls and a general renovation of most parts of the terminal.

Being a local contractor means most of the labour will be done by Bella Bella residents on the approximately $200,000 worth of work. “We should be completed by early spring and present a new face of the community to visitors and locals.” The Airport is one of the key community owned assets managed by HEDC.