HEDC recognizes that a healthy local economy is also dependent on small business and entrepreneurs, therefore in the spirit of supporting their success, we provide you with the following details regarding some of our entrepreneurs within Bella Bella.


After Shocks Coffee

Contact: Carey Windsor
Phone: 250-957-2781
Categories: Food, Restaurant

Alvina’s B&B

Contact: Alvina Duncan
Categories: Accommodation

Annette’s Beach House B&B

Contact: Annette Starr
Phone: 250-957-7423 Cell Phone: 250-957-7423 Website: http://www.annettesbeachhouse.com/
Categories: Accommodation

Annette’s Flower Shop

Contact: Annette Starr
Address 309 Clatsja Street Bella Bella British Columbia V0T 1Z0 Canada Phone: 250-957-7423
Categories: Services, Shopping

Simon Aufderheide

Phone: 250-957-2319
Categories: Catering, Food


BC Ferries

Contact: Vanessa Gladstone
Phone: 250-957-2810 Fax: 250-957-2904 Website: http://www.bcferries.com/
Categories: Transportation

Bella Bella Medical Clinic

Contact: Vennita Stegman
Phone: 250-957-2332 Fax: 250-957-2360
Categories: Health

Bella Guest Cabins

Contact: Ramona Starr
Address 7 Waglisla Street PO Box 774 Bella Bella British Columbia V0T 1Z0 Canada Phone: 250-957-8019 Website: www.bellaguestcabins.com
Categories: Accommodation

Phil Blaney

Phone: 250-957-2142
Categories: Catering, Food

Rhonda Bolton

Phone: 250-957-2483
Categories: Catering, Food

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