The Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) is a corporation that honours Heiltsuk values of respect, sharing, honour and caring for one another and for the natural world. HEDC exists to help create an effective separation between business and politics in support of achieving the Heiltsuk community’s economic development goals, which are to:

  • Re-establish and evolve a broad-based economy using all the resources of our territory;
  • Conserve and enhance those resources for future generations;
  • Develop self-sustaining economic development and growth;
  • Generate local and regional economic revenues and investments that reduce (eliminate) dependence on outside sources of capital and credit.

Core Business Strategies

The HEC has developed core strategies, in no particular order of importance, to advance its strategic corporate business plan to reality over the next 3 fiscal years and to achieve its Vision. The core strategies consist of:

  • Scorecard for Financial & Social Returns & Operational Performance of HEDC & Group of Companies
  • Improving Access to Capital & Credit (to establish new HEDC & group of company business ventures & joint ventures & business partnerships & new business opportunities for Heiltsuk entrepreneurs residing in BB or in urban centres)
  • Value Chain Opportunities by Economic Sector
  • Capacity Development (HR Education & Training)
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Communications & External Relations
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Access to Resources (Title & Rights Approach)
  • Protocol Agreements with Internal Partners
  • Sustaining Essential Services
  • Becoming an Employer of Choice
  • Procurement

Each core strategy and corresponding action plan is presented in this section. The action plans operate from April 1 – March 31. Completion dates for key tasks fall within the relevant Quarter (Q1 – Q4) or are denoted as on-going activities.

Certain core strategies and corresponding action plan will be incorporated into the individual business plans of the HEDC’s group of companies.