HEDC recognizes that a healthy local economy is also dependent on small business and entrepreneurs, therefore in the spirit of supporting their success, we provide you with the following details regarding some of our entrepreneurs within Bella Bella.


Mabel Carpenter

Phone: 250-957-2133
Categories: Baked Goods, Food

Charlene’s Avon and Consignment Shop

Contact: Charlene Humhictt
Phone: 250-957-2909
Categories: Shopping

Child & Family Services

Contact: Nicole Carpenter
Phone: 250-957-4325 Fax: 250-957-4340
Categories: Community, Services

Community Hall

Contact: Vanessa B Windsor
Phone: 250-957-2411
Categories: Community

Cultural Centre

Contact: Rory Housty
Phone: 250-957-2626 Fax: 250-957-2780 Website: www.hcec.ca
Categories: Arts, Community


Dental Office

Contact: Rhoda Bolton
Phone: 250-957-2618 Fax: 250-957-2344
Categories: Health

Donna’s Avon

Contact: Donna Germyn
Phone: 250-957-2930
Categories: Shopping


Elder’s Building

Phone: 250-957-2305 Fax: 250-957-2311
Categories: Community


Fire Department

Contact: Stephen Hunt
Phone: 250-957-2412 Fax: 250-957-2127
Categories: Services


Gary Dean – Boat Charter

Contact: Gary
Categories: Recreation

If you are a business owner and would like to see your business listed here (or would like to update your current listing), please email us at media@heiltsukdevco.com.